Big his dreams!

That's right, Big Poon's Very Best Catnip! You have found the place to get the very best catnip a kitty could want! Big Poon insists that his humans grow only prime catnip, as such they obediently produce some of the finest catnip that Wisconsin has to offer. He knows it's the best 'cause his quality control cat, Bailey, tests it daily and has yet to be let down by the high quality of this premium catnip. Big Poon says there is to be absolutely no chemicals put on his catnip, so about the only thing we ever do to it is occasionally drain the koi pond onto the catnip gardens! The humans do a good job of removing most stems, seeds, and other unwanted material so only the most potent, aromatic, catnip leaves are offered to your cat and you. Properly cleaned, dried and packaged in re-sealable plastic bags, Big Poon's Very Best Catnip is ready for your kitty's pleasure.

Unfortunately, Big Poon has passed away.
He had a good and long life.


Currently we
(with your help) are able to give our humane society $300 to $400 per year. The total donation from catnip sales as of the end of 2012 is $4822, over $400 in 2012! Thanks to everyone who buys Big Poon's Very Best Catnip. Thanks even more to those who send extra money to donate to ICHS.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

ORDERING: There is no order form, you will have to send a check or money order made to "Iowa County Humane Society" or "I.C.H.S." Or, you can stop by and see Poon at sirius sunlight glass studio, at the same address, normally from 10am to 5pm. Mail your order to:
Big Poon's Catnip

218 High St.
Mineral Point, WI. 53565

Catnip availability


Please check back next spring when the garden is growing again.
Catnip does not grow so well when the ground is frozen...

Thank you to everyone who purchases Big Poon's catnip, supporting ICHS!
  • Big Poon's catnip is offered at $2 per bag plus a $2.00 to mail up to four bags. Capitalistic Cat? Nope, he gives all the money (except postage) to the Iowa County Humane Society!
  • Supply is limited. - Please limit your order to 2 large bag or 8 small bags.
  • Make checks to "Iowa County Humane Society" or "I.C.H.S." (please do not make checks to Big Poon, he has no bank account.)
  • Each bag is a little under 1/4 ounce of the finest catnip leaf and bud, carefully cleaned, very few stems. A bag measures 3x4 inches. If you are ordering 4 bags, we will send one large bag (about 0.8 ounce - a sandwich bag) unless you request we send the 4 small bags so you can give them to other cats. The total price for 4 small, or one large bag of catnip, including shipping would be $10.00 .
  • Feel free to send along a little extra money to donate to the Iowa County Humane Society or donate directly to them here <Scroll down that page for online donations).
  • Sorry: No wholesale. No discounts. No large quantities. Big Poon only sells his catnip by the bag as described above. Big Poon reserves the right to decline orders for larger quantities of catnip even if we have stock on hand. Quantities are limited and Big Poon thinks the more cats that get nipped by his own brand of catnip the better he feels about growing it.
  • Big Poon (and his humans and the humane society) really appreciate those generous people who send donation money above the cost of catnip ordered. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Big PoonBig Poon wants you to give your kitties catnip! He wants you to buy his catnip because it is the best.


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None Better!
"Big Poon's Very Best
Catnip makes me smile!"


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