Now that's a big poon!
Big Poon has since slimmed down a bit, he was around 18 pounds in this photo.

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Big Morty must have been enjoying too much catnip way too often, lots of munchies!


Jon says: "She's a 22 pounder at last weigh..."

Big Poon says: "As you can see, the humans grow some pretty good nip!"

From Robyn:     
I had to send you a photo of my big fat cat.

His name is Puss and he weighs in at 20 lbs.  He's a character!

Casa - who frequently gets the munchies late at night.


Big Poon wonders if his catnip has anything to do with that?

Bullie (pronounced BooLee)


This is Bullie
(pronounced BooLee)
She is very special.


Big Poon thinks Bullie
really likes his catnip,
she looks so happy...


Dirty Harry gets a good laugh from Big Poon's Catnip


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